Wedding reception band

What kind of band to choose?

Everyone has a more or less clear idea about the ideal style and appearance of the band to hire for the own wedding reception. According to our opinion, a good band is characterized by dynamism, elegance, great skill for communication and creating a wonderful atmosphere, cheerfulness, sympathy and of course professional preparedness on a high level. Colorband unites all these features in a proper rate. After all those successful years spent as musicians, we can state without immodesty that our band is the best choice for music service on a wedding reception with great party feeling.

Why is Colorband different?

Colorband – true to its name – is exclusively playing live in almost all music styles, so you can hear every song live on stage. Our wedding reception band is perfectly cooperating with the best man or ceremony master, identifies itself with the audience’s wishes, involving the guests into the performance. Those who would like to participate, can have an own microphone – so a separate show may unfold with special show elements.

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